Commercial Foundations

As our company has expanded and diversified, we have become increasingly involved with a number of commercial forming jobs.

Over the past several years, we have established a strong partnership with a large commercial contractor, and have been successful in completing many extensive commercial projects throughout Nova Scotia.

This project, as well as the completed structure seen in the background, are both examples of commercial foundation and formwork carried out by Moore and Cormier Foundation Forming Ltd.

We offer our commercial clients all the benefits normally offered to residential customers, as well as:  

  • Access to boardroom at CANS, to review and discuss plans, project details, etc.
  • Quick preparation and submission of bids for large scale ventures.
  • Convenient location in Burnside Industrial Park, with thorough knowledge of HRM's construction industry.
  • Excellent working relationships with other contractors and construction companies throughout Metro
  • A diverse portfolio of commercial projects, including:
    1. Educational Institutions
    2. Restaurants and Food Service Establishments
    3. Big Box Retailers
    4. Multi-unit Residential Complexes

If you would like to discuss a commercial project, please contact Gary Moore at (902) 468-3061 or via email at