Seasonal Considerations

Dispelling Old Myths, Applying New Techniques and Technology

M&C Foundation Forming is a member of the Concrete Foundation Association of North America. Throughout our involvement with CFA and through our team's annual attendance at the World of Concrete International Exposition and Trade Show, we have gained a wealth of information about pouring concrete in diverse climates

As a past member of CFA's Board of Directors, M&C Founder Gary Moore was involved in a cold weather research study released by CFA in 2004.  This report has revealed fascinating details on how concrete foundations can be poured effectively in cold weather, while addressing the concern for poor concrete performance, particularly during winter months.

A huge number of improvements and discoveries have been made in the last 50 years, and today, builders are able to take advantage of these new methods and products, including:

  • New chemical and mineral admixtures

  • Better methods of heating, delivering, and protecting concrete Improved tools and forms, allowing us to accelerate placement times drastically

  • Access to monitoring equipment that allows formworkers to measure the actual temperature of concrete at any moment.

For these reasons, we are confident that rules governing concrete placement in cold weather should be based on best practices, and use of new technology and quality concrete products, rather than simply monitoring the weather forecasts!

If you want to build during Nova Scotia's colder months, give us a call, and we can work with you to meet your building needs!