Waterproofing: Safeguarding Your Investment

Choose Wisely: There is a significant difference between damproofing & waterproofing. With mold presenting both an aesthetic and environmental danger to your home, waterproofing is the only means of permanently acting as a vapour barrier. Damproofing is a cheaper way to meet the lowest minimum standard of the building code, generally involving simple hot liquid asphalt sprayed on the concrete. Liquid asphalt is an excellent damproofing material, but alone it is not a waterproofing system. Dampproofing does not provide foundation waterproofing and is NOT a reliable safeguard against leaks and water damage.

Perhaps you are not planning on finishing your basement yet. If you ever decide to finish it or sell it to someone who may want to finish the basement, we strongly recommend waterproofing, ensuring that finished or unfinished, your basement will remain dry, healthy, and mold free for many years to come.

Remember: Your decision to waterproof or to damproof will directly affect the future choices you make with respect to home renovations or additions

Click here to view a video which compares Damproofing with Waterproofing.

M&C Foundation Forming uses one of two waterproofing products manufactured by Tremco Barrier Solutions:

TUFF-N-DRI® Basement Waterproofing System


Both products come with a guarantee, and feature a polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane. This flexible membrane is spray-applied to provide a minimum 40 mils of protection when cured. (Which is at least four times thicker than typical damproofing.) Because of its spray application and elasticity, the waterproofing membrane seamlessly spans foundation settling cracks – now, and in the years ahead.  The membrane also remains elastic at low temperatures for reliable performance, season after season. Tremco water proofing products seal out water penetration, even from water under hydrostatic pressure.  For more information on the Water Proofing products we apply, visit the Tremco Barrier Solutions website.